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9th class Biology Solved MCQs Chapter 1st “Introduction to Biology”


9th class Biology 1st chapter MCQ & Short Questions:

Chapter No: 1

“Introduction to biology”


1. The word “biology” has been derived from two…………..words.
a) Latin
b) Greek
c) English
d) Scientific
Sol: (b) Greek
2. In biology the word “bios” means………..
a) Life
b) Logos
c) Living things
d) All of the above
Sol: (a) Life
3. In biology the word “logos” means………
a) Thought
b) Reasoning
c) Thought or reasoning
d) None
Sol: (c) Thought or reasoning.
4. The division of biology in which we study animals is called……
a) Botany
b) Zoogeography
c) Zoology
d) Cell biology
Sol 🙁 c) Zoology
5. The divisions of biology in which we study plants are called……..
a) Botany
b) Zoology
c) Zoology and Botany
d) Plant ecology
Sol 🙁 a) Botany
6. The study of tissues is called………
a) Anatomy
b) Histology
c) Physiology
d) Entomology
Sol: (b) Histology
7. The study of internal structures is called…..
a) Anatomy
b) Cell biology
c) Genetics
d) Biotechnology
Sol: (a) Anatomy
8. The transmission of characters from one generation to the other is called…….
a) Genetics
b) Inheritance
c) Heredity
d) Both (b) and (c)
Sol: (d) Both (b) and (c).
9. The branch deals with the study of parasites called………
a) Taxonomy
b) Parasitology
c) Embryology
d) Socio-biology
Sol: (b) Parasitology.
10. The study of fossils is called………
a) Physiology
b) Paleontology
c) Morphology
d) Embryology
Sol: (b) Paleontology
11. The study of insects is called……….
a) Entomology
b) Histology
c) Pharmacology
d) Embryology
Sol: Entomology

12. The study of the development of the embryo into a new individual is called……..
a) Histology
b) Genetics
c) Environmental biology
d) Embryology
Sol: (d) Embryology
13. The study of the form and structures of living organisms are called………
a) Physiology
b) Morphology
c) Environmental biology
d) Immunology
Sol: (b) Morphology.
14. The study of naming and classification of organisms into groups weight loss pills and subgroups is called…….
a) Biotechnology
b) Taxonomy
c) Pharmacology
d) Cell biology
Sol: (b) Taxonomy.
15. The branch deals with the study of the functions of different parts of living organisms are called…….
a) Histology
b) Physiology
c) Morphology
d) Pharmacology
Sol: (b) Physiology.
16. The art of gardening is called…….
a) Farming
b) Forestry
c) Horticulture
d) Animal husbandry
Sol: (c) Horticulture
17. The latest profession in the field of biology is…….
a) Farming
b) Agriculture
c) Biotechnology
d) Fisheries
Sol: (c) Biotechnology
18. In Quran, “We made every living thing from……..”
a) Clay
b) Water
c) Bones
d) Blood
Sol: (b) Water
19. Jabir Bin Hayan was born in
a) Iraq
b) Iran
c) Labnan
d) Turkey
Sol: (b) Iran.
20. “Al-Haywan” is a famous book by which Muslim scientist?
a) Abdul Malik Asmai
b) Jabir Bin Hayan
c) Bu Ali Sina
d) Omar Khayyam
Sol: (b) Jabir Bin Hayan
21. Who is considered the 1st Muslim scientist that studied animals in detail?
a) Jabir Bin Hayan
b) Abdul Malik Asmai
c) Ibn Rushd
d) Muhammad Ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi
Sol: (b) Abdul Malik Asmai
22. Abdul Malik Asmai famous writing (Al-Khail) meaning
a) Camel
b) Horse
c) Animal
d) Plant
Sol: (b) Horse.
23. Which scientist called Avicenna in the west?
a) Jabir Bin Hayan
b) Hippocrates
c) Bu Ali Sina
d) Abu Nasr Al-Farabi
Sol: (c) Bu Ali Sina.
24. Which book is called the “canon of medicine” in the west?
a) Kalq al-Ansan
b) Al-Nabatat
c) Al-Qanun-fial-Tib
d) Al-chemist
Sol: (c) Al-Qanun-fial-Tib
25. How many elements are there in nature?
a) 94
b) 93
c) 92
d) 16
Sol: (c) 92
26. Out of 92 naturally occurring elements how many are considered bio-element?
a) 18
b) 16
c) 118
d) 20
Sol: (b) 16.
27. Only six bio-elements make up a percentage of total body mass.
a) 98%
b) 99%
c) 76%
d) 29%
Sol: (b) 99%.
28. How many percentages of “Oxygen” are in the protoplasm of living organisms?
a) 10%
b) 0.9%
c) 18%
d) 65%
Sol: (d) 65%.
29. Which organ is used for protein synthesis?
a) Mitochondria
b) Golgi apparatus
c) Lever
d) Ribosomes
Sol: (d) Ribosomes.

30. Group of similar cells performing similar functions called
a) Organ
b) Molecules
c) Tissues
d) Community
Sol: (c) Tissues.
31. Group of organisms of the same species located at the same place at the same time called……….
a) Biosphere
b) Habitat
c) Community
d) Population
Sol: (d) Population.
32. The area of the environment in which organism lives are called…..
a) Species
b) Habitat
c) Population
d) Biosphere
Sol: (b) Habitat.
33. The part of earth inhabited by organisms’ communities is called…….
a) Community
b) Stratosphere
c) Biosphere
d) Cryosphere
Sol: (c) Biosphere
34. Hundreds of Volvox cells make a ………
a) Colony
b) Organisms
c) Tissues
d) None of the above
Sol: (a) Colony.
35. What is the scientific name of the “Mustard plant”?
a) Allium cepa
b) Corvus splendens
c) Brassica campestris
d) All of the above
Sol: (c) brassica campestris
36. What is the scientific name of “frog”?
a) Rana tigrina
b) Homo sapiens
c) Mangifera indica
d) Rosa
Sol: (a) Rana Tigrina.

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Important definitions in 1st chapter of biology:
1. Define Biotechnology?
2. Define biomolecules?
3. Define parasites?
4. Define pharmacology?
5. Define species & habitat?
6. Define complex community?
7. Define fossils?

Frequently asked questions in previous board and school tests:
1. Difference b/w morphology and physiology?
2. Define genetics?
3. What are the major biological issues today?
4. Write work about Abdul Malik Asmai?
5. Write about Bu Ali Sina?
6. What are the levels of an organization?
7. What is the population level and give examples?
8. Define simple and complex communities?
9. Define biosphere level?
10. Write all the levels of organization in sequence?
11. What do you know about micro molecules and macromolecules?


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