Introduction to wildlife:

Wildlife is a combination of two words wild and life, you almost understand the meaning of wildlife. Before knowing about wildlife, a common person who loves animals and creatures of God must think that,

How can a creature created by God start destroying other creatures of God?

So think about the nature that God made for us and protect it. It’s all our duty to protect and make it beneficial for other creatures of god.

What is Wildlife?

It includes areas that are not introduced by humans and consists of all micro and macro-organisms that grow or live wild in their natural habitat called wildlife.

Wildlife is found in forests, wetlands, grasslands, national parks, plains, and other areas rural and urban areas. Wildlife also includes undomesticated animal species.

Some terminologies used in wildlife:


A habitat is an area in which a particular species of organism lives called habitat.

Organisms and their habitat
Organisms and their habitat


A species is a group of organisms that can interbreed and produce fertile offspring called species. Its examples are lions, elephants humans, etc.


A group of individuals living together located in the same place at the same time is called a population.


A community is defined as a group of animals and plants that live together in a given place at the same time called community.

Home range:

An area in which animals travel and gather in search of food and mate is called the home range.

How to protect wildlife?

There are different ways to protect wildlife. To protect wildlife we all must know the importance of wildlife and other natural ecosystems.

  1. Protecting the natural habitat of animals.
  2. By making National Parks
  3. Making Wildlife Sanctuaries
  4. By making Game reserved areas
  5. Restore native forests
  6. Holding different seminars at all district and university level
  7. Educate the rural and urban citizen
  8. Making different roads for wildlife animals
  9. Feed them properly
  10. Making zoos
  11. Wildlife subject must teach on every student of a university of any degree
  12. Avoid hunting for food, meat, and other purposes.
  13. By making laws for the protection of wildlife animals
  14. Arranging different animals friendly tours of the university
  15. Protect the endangered animals in a safe place
  16. Learn more about the importance of animals and natural forests
  17. Planting of trees
  18. Donate time and money to protect the wildlife animals
  19. Donate money to zoos and other government projects
  20. Watch wildlife films and documentaries.
  21. Teach your children about wildlife
  22. Read, learn and research wildlife and other conservation areas
  23. Respect the other wildlife officers and zoologists.

There are also many other ways to protect wildlife animals and other organisms. The main is to protect the natural habitat of animals, because if we protect the habitat of an animal then an animal can live a life.

All students and young generations must know how many national parks and wildlife conservation areas in Pakistan.

importance of wildlife
importance of wildlife

Keep learning and protect the wildlife places otherwise, we only see animals in museums.