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Class 10th Biology Chapter 17 Solved MCQs “Bio-technology”

10th class biology MCQs and Questions
Chapter -17

1. The use of living organisms in processes for the manufacture of useful products or services is called
a) Bio-chemistry
b) Bio-technology
c) Bio-geosciences
d) None of these
Sol: (b) Bio-technology
2. In which year, scientists prepared human insulin?
a) 1978
b) 1976
c) 1979
d) 1879
Sol: (a) 1978
3. The human genome project was launched in?
a) 1980
b) 1970
c) 1990
d) 2000
Sol: (c) 1990
4. The complete map of the human genome was published in
a) 2000
b) 1990
c) 2001
d) 2002
Sol: (d) 2002

Carbohydrate fermentation and its products

5. The person who studies the development of an embryo, or fetus and makes babies happen is called?
a) Zoologist
b) Cardiologist
c) Ornithologist
d) Embryologist
Sol: (d) Embryologist
6. Who produced the sheep (Dolly)?
a) Charles Darwin
b) Ian Wilmut
c) Al Biruni
d) Jaber Bin Hayan
Sol: (b) Ian Wilmut
7. The organisms that have modified genome is called
a) Transgenic organisms
b) Sister chromatids
c) Chromosomes
d) None of the above
Sol: (a) Transgenic organisms
8. The process in which the incomplete oxidation-reduction of glucose is called
a) Bio-technology
b) Fermentation
c) Nitrification
d) Combustion
Sol: (b) Fermentation
9. Which microorganism is used in textile dyeing, leather treatment, electroplating, and rubber manufacture?
a) Bacillus
b) Saccharomyces
c) Lactobacillus
d) Aspergillus
Sol: (d) Aspergillus
10. 500,000 sheep brains were required to produce how many milligrams of human growth hormone?
a) 10 mg
b) 20 mg
c) 5 mg
d) 15 mg
Sol: (c) 5 mg
11. The enzyme which is used to dissolve blood cells.
a) Urokinase
b) Ligase
c) Amylase
d) All of the above
Sol: (a) Urokinase
12. Which of these is an anti-viral protein?
a) Urokinase
b) Thymosin
c) Insulin
d) Interferons
Sol: (d) Interferons
13. The first step in genetic engineering is?
a) Insertion of the gene into a vector
b) Isolation of the gene of interest
c) Growth of genetically modified organisms GMO
d) Expression of the gene
Sol: (b) Isolation of the gene of interest
14. Find the correct match: for the fermentation product and the organism involved?
a) Ethanol-Saccharomyces
b) Ethanol-Aspergillus
c) Glycerol-Aspergillus
d) Formic acid-Saccharomyces
Sol: (a) Ethanol-Saccharomyces
15. Which one is NOT an objective of genetic engineering?
a) Isolation of a particular gene or a part of a gene
b) Production of RNA and protein molecules
c) Correction of genetic defects in higher organisms
d) Production of cheese and yogurt by lactic acid bacteria.
Sol: (d) Production of cheese and yogurt by lactic acid bacteria


Important Questions that asked in the previous board:
 What are two types of carbohydrate fermentation?
 Write any five applications of fermentation.
 What difference between batch fermentation and continuous fermentation is also labeled with diagrams?
 What are the advantages of using fermenters?
 Write the objective of genetic engineering.
 Write the basic steps in genetic engineering.
Important definitions in this chapter:
 Define biotechnology
 Define genetic engineering.
 Define transgenic organisms.
 Define fermentation
 Define fermenter
 Explain ligase and endonuclease
 Define hemophilia
 Define thalassemia
 Define novel protein

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